Influencer Marketing the Next Best Thing?



Maybe not all the rage, but Jamaica is slowly catching on. Influencer marketing is definitely making its rounds and marketers are cautiously ‘buying’ into the fact that consumers own the buying power and if companies want to stay relevant to today’s consumer, they have to start listening.

So, for the unfamiliar, who are influencers? These are consumers with large audience/followers who trust what they, the influencer, has to say. According to the latest stats, they are the new powerful voices that drive purchase decisions. Why? Because today’s consumers look to fellow consumers to inform their purchasing power.

“Influencer marketing programs delivered an average of $11.20 for every dollar spent in 2015. That figure is up 63% from the previous year, and continues to grow.” (

As further explains, most influencer campaigns have some sort of social-media component, where influencers are expected to spread the word through their personal social channels and contacts. Many influencer campaigns also carry a content element in which the company creates content for the influencers, or the influences create the content themselves.

As mentioned earlier, Jamaica is no stranger to the trend. We see companies such as Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS Co.) utilizing Quiteperry in their new energy conservation campaign. On Instagram alone, Quiteperry has approximately 245, 000 followers. Was he the right fit for the brand? It would be good to know the ROI for that campaign.

Important tip: Before you make the decision to engage an influencer, be sure they are a good contextual fit to your brand, otherwise their post or tweet would be moot as far as driving leads and customers.

Quiteperry n energy conservation – “If appliances could talk”



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