Thinking Out-loud!

“I was so mad, I immediately tweeted my disgust in response to their stupid comment, but now I wish I hadn’t”…

Today, far too many of these situations continue to play out in the social media arena. It would seem all our mobile devices are now wired to our brains which sends tiny synapses to our minds that allows the device to ‘audiblise’ and publish our thoughts without consent. OMG! When did we get here?

It’s hard to believe that, only a decade ago, social media was a term that most people understood to mean, none traditional media and not worth the fuss. Today, it seems, with the advent of new technologies there is an increase in social media platforms which gives immediate access to the world. Our lives have now become increasingly more public, as we share information across networks – many times without censorship. Gone are the days of rewrites, drafts and proof reading. Businesses including news media entities have been seduced into a world where immediacy is the order of the day, giving rise to frequent typos, miscommunication and a lack of sensitivity to the welfare of others as we try to be ‘current’ –  and on the flip side, more and more you see ordinarily intelligent individuals slowly becoming social misfits due to lack of face-to-face interactions.

This then begs the question: Has social media changed us or merely opened the door to new ways of ‘speaking’?



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